Washed Up

venice, ca


Scentless Sand Candles from Venice Beach

Introducing the new Washed Up Venice brand.
We create all natural, artisan made housewares that are environmentally friendly and fun! 


The Nowita

Named after the street where our studio resides, the Nowita sand candle is sustainably sourced, waste free, and environmentally conscious. Not to mention fun to look at– turn out the lights and watch it glow!


The Superba

The Superba is our triangle sand candle that appears to float effortlessly above the table! Organic, textural and functional, a perfect mix of simple ingredients and thoughtful design. 


Ceramic Candle Dish

Free with your order of a Nowita or Superba sand candle for a limited time! Hand thrown by ceramic artist Patrick Johnston, who produces designs for the Rose Café and others here in Venice. Grab one while you can– this small batch of candle dishes will disappear quickly!


Hollywood Hills Sunset print

Original artwork by Jason Hill, printed on metallic paper! Jason's photograph of a spectacular Los Angeles sunset, embellished with his distinctive freehand style. This is an exclusive release on Washed Up and limited to only 10 signed and numbered prints.